QTP Qualification Tests

For the processing of a component qualification (Qualification Test Procedure), a so-called Qualification Test Plan is drawn up in which all the requirements of one or more components are listed in accordance with the customer’s specification. The customer requirements are assigned to the respective aircraft type and installation location. In addition to customer requirements, international standards (DIN EN) or guidelines (RTCA/DO-160) are also listed.




Planning & Execution of Component Tests

Prior to component qualification, costs (NRC), a milestone plan (MSP) and the testing procedure are agreed with the customer. A dedicated design team prepares the test jigs for each test. An extensive test programme is available, which can include static or dynamic load tests, environmental influence (corrosion/liquid) tests or vibration tests. Each test is carried out promptly and coordinated with the customer, up to and including the test report.




Documentation of Tests and Results in the form of a QTR

Each qualification is documented and coordinated with the customer. If necessary, memorandums (MeMo) or special test reports (TR) accompany the qualification. At the end, the customer receives a Qualification Test Report (QTR), which documents the complete component qualification process.