Rapid Prototyping (plastic)

We are able to deliver first hand samples „overnight” with our 3D-printer.




First Samples & Small Series

Cost-efficient and on-schedule production of first samples is one of our strengths. We are also able to supply parts for small series.




Testing Devices for Rubber-Metal Components

We are specialised in the necessary test benches and devices for testing various rubber-metal components.




Testing Devices for Chassis Components

In order to subject chassis components to adequate pre-testing, complex test benches are necessary. Our know-how includes the design, construction, manufacture and calibration of such test benches; these include Halbach test benches, replacement kinematic test benches or multiple test benches.




General Test Devices for Dynamic and Static Tests

We develop and manufacture the necessary adaptations and devices for testing a wide variety of components in order to subject them to static or dynamic tests.